1. What makes Angel Yeast stand out from other competitors?
The growth of Angel Yeast is fueled largely by three aspects:
First, thanks to rapid growth in Chinese economic, and a good domestic environment for enterprise development.
Second, a great attention paid always on technological progress in Angel, and a large number of highly competitive products build up from this progress, such as sugar-tolerance instant dry yeast, super alcohol active dry yeast, selenium yeast 2000, yeast glucan, etc. , which manufactured in a leading technology, and with competitive marketing position.
Third, concepts like "market oriented" and "profit-seeking <dict://key.0895DFE8DB67F9409DB285590D870EDD/profit-seeking> for customer " rooted in all Angel staff, and carried out throughout whole marketing activities.
2. Please tell me something on your R & D program

R & D activities for new products and up to dated technology application in Angel Yeast dedicated to improving the quality of life of consumers, providing natural, nutritious and healthy food ingredients.

安琪很多研究项目具有很好的发展前景。比如无铝油条膨松剂,这是一款解决华人传统食品--油条“铝超标”问题的产品;YE(酵母抽提物),适应了欧盟等发达地区清洁标签(Clean Label)的原则和全球降盐的新趋势;对酵母源生物饲料添加剂的推广,为养殖行业替代抗生素、促进人类食品安全所提供的很好的解决方案。
The exciting prospects result from many Angel’s research projects. For instance, aluminum-free leavening agent is a very good product that solved "aluminum over-proff" in Youtiao (the Chinese favorite fried bread stick). Additionally, the ingredient specification of Angel Yeast Extract meets fully the market demand in Clean Label EU and salt-reduce trend. Angel yeast based bio-feeding additives spreading provides substitute for antibiotics in cultivation and a innovative solution for human safety foods.
3. What do you think the development trends of baking industry in the next five years? How does Angel adapt to this trend?

As a member of the industry, Angel yeast hopes to cooperate with our colleagues in industry worldwide, give full play to everyone’s own strengths, develop more useful products on human health, promote product diversity, and spread the concept together of healthy life, promoting technology progress and foster market in bakery industry.

我们始终坚持 “天然、营养、健康”的产品开发理念,将开发更多的适应市场需求的产品,比如我们在亚洲市场推广健康面包,提供与此理念配套的烘焙食品原料,如蛋糕预拌粉、面包预拌粉等等。
Angel yeast shall adhere the idea “natural, nutrition & health” in product development always. Lots new Angel products developed met market demands. Angel supply healthy baking ingredients like bread premix, sponge mix, etc., accompanying healthy breads spreading campaign in Asian market.  

4. What is Angel yeast next development step in marketing? Do you have any expansion plan for Angel recently?
Angel yeast shall base itself upon home market first, since China is one of the largest economies in globe. Domestic market was, and will still be our marketing focus in future.

Additionally, Angel shall further develop international market. Angel products exported more than 120 countries and regions currently via sales agents established in all continents. Angel has a long way to go in global marketing still, a huge yeast market exploring waiting for Angel team in oversee countries.
Third, Angel’s marketing shall correspond with the globalization trend gradually. Not only in view of sales network, more important is Angel shall meet the requirement of internationalization development totally, including R&D, management, production and marketing. Nowadays, Egypt construction is most important for Angel yeast. Egypt project shall be a key milestone for Angel achieving the goal of "international, professional yeast company".
5. What are the challenges for Angel right now?
The challenges mainly come from three aspects:
First, the cost is growing for raw materials & energy. It’s well known that, the yeast production costs increased sharply from two aspects, with the global yeast capacity expansion and reduction of energy resources,
Second, Angel is facing the pressure from RMB up-valuation.
Third, capability’s insufficient in global business operation. Angel product and service covers more than 120 countries and regions in all continents, and first overseas yeast construction in Egypt especially, both brings new topics for Angel Yeast international operation.
6. How to deal with these challenges for Angel?

Angel realized and understood the situation enough, and a multiple preparation made already for meet against those challenges.
Angel shall intensify efforts to popularize & promote new products; Angel brand influence shall be expanding further by multi-methods; multiple-business development and improve marketing.   
Second, up to dated technology, process & new materials shall put into operation, further reduce production costs through technological progress.
Third, Angel management efficiency and capital efficiency shall improved by new tools put into daily operation, such as SAP, CRM system.

What’s Angel’s forecast for 2010?

Angel Yeast business growth shall last continuously through the efforts both from market development and other aspects.